At Cycle Case, we push all of our motorcycle luggage to the absolute extreme limits to effectively ensure premium quality products that surpasses third-party regulation requirements. More importantly, we subject our products to rigorous testing, sometimes up to breaking point to make sure they meet, if not exceed our consumers’ demanding needs. Rigorous tests are also carried out in real-life riding situations as well as in controlled environments in order to successfully discover how, and why failures happen to be able to make our luggage even stronger and more durable. All Cycle Case items are packed with essential functions and only the best quality materials are put to use. We’re so confident in our products’ quality that we have provided a “No Hassle 5-Year Warranty” for all items in our product line.


Maxtura®-High Performance Fabric

Maxtura® is a high performance fabric made of especially strong fibers. This fiber has been designed to perform at the highest levels of resistance to abrasion, puncture, ripping, Traring and piling. Products made of Maxtura® materials are easy to care for and are long-lasting. Maxtura® utilizes a wide range of Denier, from 300D to 1680D for different applications in various product lines around the world.

Reflect-A-Light®-Reflective Fabric

Reflect-A-Light® Fabric enhances visibility at night or during low visibility conditions. It utilizes a unique form of tiny light-reflecting lenses which are adhered to a strong lightweight fabric backing. They reflect light back to the source to increase nighttime or low visibility conditions.


Maxtura® high performance fabric

Reflect-a-light® reflective fabric

Fits most full sized helmets

GPS Ready

Fits the iPad

Map Pocket

Audio Ready

Waterproof Rain Cover

Fits most 15’’ Laptops